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Bryan Bistrong's Story


Bryan Bistrong is a unique South Florida Woodsman who represents a South Florida Culture that has all but disappeared. Born and raised in Miami, Bryan grew up in a large family of seven children. His family are descendants of the original “Conchs” who emigrated from the Bahamas to Key West in the early 1800’s and were the very first group of settlers besides the native Tequesta and Caloosa tribes, to actually build homes in South Florida and live off the land. 


Tree Work


Bryan began working in the tree business as a “ground man” stacking branches and carrying logs for $5 an hour in 1986 while still in high school. After a year in the business he knuckled and boned his way from the ground to the tree and began learning the art of tree trimming. During this time he was hazed and trained by the last of a dying breed of old school south Florida arborists who taught him a style of tree trimming that is rarely seen today. 




Bryan slowly worked his way up in the labor intensive world of tree trimming and a few years later it became clear that his hard work would pay-off. South Florida was brutally pummeled by Hurricane Andrew. While the community lay in wreckage, Bryan (24 years old at the time), and his 12 man crew, stepped to the front of the disaster and literally, by hand, cleared the way for the community to start rebuilding and re-growing itself. With his experience gained during the Hurricane Andrew aftermath, Bryan spent years working in areas hit by natural disasters and has helped in clean up and re-building efforts through out the country totaling more than 15 storms. 


Jungle B’s


During the post Andrew clean-up, Bryan introduced his younger brother Ben Bistrong to the world of tree trimming and Landscaping. After a couple of years, Ben soon founded his own company, world renowned, Jungle B’s Landscaping. For 20 years, Jungle B’s signature Coral Rock Waterfalls and tropical landscapes changed the terrain of South Florida and created a new vision of what was possible. In 2014 Ben died of cancer. Since then, Bryan and his younger brother Jared Bistrong have picked up the reins and continue the Jungle B’ legacy. 


Bistrong’s Tree & Landscapes


There’s no landscaping and tree company in South Florida with the experience, artistic vision, or know how of Bistrong’s Tree and Landscape. We are a full-service landscaping and hardscaping company that designs, manages, and creates lush tropical environments that that are a perfect blend between an iconic Florida eco-system and modern living. 

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